Babya Photo Workshop Professional

Babya Photo Workshop Professional 12.0

Edits and modifies scanned and regular image files

Import pictures and other types of images scanned with TWAIN scanners or other devices to immediately edits them by cropping, mirroring, correcting colors, brightness, contrast, etc., and applying multiple effects. There is also an option of conversion to GIF animations and batch processing of JPEG.

Babya Photo Workshop Professional is one of the most powerful image editors available.
Image editing can be done with a minimum of fuss by using Babya Photo Workshop Professional's suprisingly accurate, yet easy to use drawing and retouching tools-as an example of using the tools-dodge and burn part of an image with the intuitive color wand tool, which is also perfect for creating an drop shadow or Invader Zim style effect to images.

Amazing images can be created with other 40 effect filters available in 2 different applications supplied with Babya Photo Workshop Professional-Babya Effects FX and Babya Effects FX Studio that has some radical and impressive effects-including a 'Floyd' image effect (quite stunning when applied to a colorful image) whilst Babya Photo Workshop Professional itself has borders, frames and 10 easy to apply effect filters and also in Babya Effects FX there's a cool 3D grid and strange art filters, just to name a few effects that are easily applied to images using Babya Effects FX.

Babya Photo Workshop Mini Lab is useful for easily correcting tone and color balance in images and has quick and easy to use image effects too.

In addition to that Babya Photo Workshop Professional even has a brilliant histogram generator and in Babya Effect FX Studio, ability to create a custom image filter, On top of that there's in Babya Presenter- a easy to use presentation maker and has various transitions and is a breeze to use. Presentations can be viewed with a included runtime player.

Another neat feature is powerful image mangement with bPicture-available as a separate download that also bundles Babya Presenter and Photo Workshop Professional with it. Easily sort and store images with little or no fuss.

Babya Album is included too-with it creates web albums to share with other users.

Babya Photo Workshop Professional is one of the most professional and powerful digital imaging suites available.

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